Automotive Service & Repair the Right Way

Proudly Serving Oakmont, PA for 23 Years

Oakmont automotive was a dream come true for me, following well over five years, spent learning about the subtle intricacies of automotive repairs and maintenance. I started the repair shop in the company of my wife and daughter, after graduating from Rosedale tech, and following mechanical stints at an Exxon station in Wilkinsburg and a Saab dealership. At the time, the present day Oakmont Automotive was an old two bay 1950 service station, but we grander plans for it. Our vision with Oakmont Automotive was to create an all-encompassing auto repairs service station that provided premium grade, high-quality vehicle repair and maintenance services at a fair price in Oakmont, PA. We got to work, remodeled the two bay 1950 service station to a look that was more fitting of its grand purpose. By November 1, 1994, Oakmont Automotive went live in Oakmont, PA and commenced operations – several years down the line and we now have seven service bays and 10 employees.

Together and as a team, we have continued to serve the entirety of Oakmont, PA and surrounding environs with the best of automotive repair services. Our strength as a forerunner in auto repair services lies in the depth of this team and with each passing day, we grow stronger both in experience and in expertise. My sincerest appreciation goes to … for accepting to be a part of the Oakmont automotive story, it has been a great story so far (probably the best auto repair service story in the entirety of Oakmont, PA) and greater things lie ahead.

Fixing your car the way we would ours

Central to our success as an auto repairs station and forming the foundations of our service delivery model is the commitment to treat your vehicle as if it were ours. At Oakmont Automotive, we have a sterling line up of skilled and experienced technicians who demonstrate a passion for excellence and customer satisfaction. The Oakmont Automotive team goes the extra mile to put a smile on your face while treating your vehicle to the gold standard of automotive repairs and maintenance. We pay the minutest attention to detail, and this extends to how we care the environment.

Oakmont Automotive is pro-green and for strategies that support and care for the environment. Amongst other things, we recycle used oil and antifreeze, the former deputizing as the primary source of heat generated in our building.

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