World Class Brake Repair Service in Oakmont, PA

Brake Repair Services to Give Your Car All the Stopping Power It Needs

If there is one component of your vehicle you should never take any chances with it is your brakes. And not just because they allow you to bring your car to a halt when the need arises (everyone knows this) but also because faulty brakes are a surefire way to damage your vehicles drums and rotors. Both are of which are pocket crunchily expensive. Perfect brakes keep you safe and help you save. At Oakmont Automotive, this is our singular goal for your vehicle’s brakes – keep them in pristine condition so that they can keep you safe while saving you a bucket load of money. To help do this our expert team of ASE certified technicians are always on hand.

As grand ambassadors of professionalism and attention to detail, we take the time to conduct thorough diagnostic examinations that single out the problem before even attempting to carry out a repair. Brake repairs require every measure of due diligence, and we are committed to doing just that. Our brake repair team guarantee an almost stock like rectification of your entire vehicle braking defects. At the end of the day, once your car hits the brazen tarmac of Oakmont, it does so with a renewed punch. Oakmont Automotive gives you the confidence to cruise smoothly through Oakmont without any reservations.

When should I get my brakes checked?

You are up for a brake inspection and service if your vehicle displays any of the following symptoms;

  • Your brake pedal loses its recoil factor and on pressing extends farther downwards than usual
  • Braking alters your vehicle’s line of motion, either to the right or to left while driving
  • You hear unusual squeals or experience vibrations while braking

Most modern cars come with a check-brake feature either in the form of a metal component built into the brake (which is responsible for the squeal outlined above) or a digital assembly that lights up on your dashboard when there’s a need to change your brakes. In the case of the former, the higher the pitch of the squeal the greater the urgency to get your brakes checked and fixed. However, it is always good advice to get it serviced at first hint of any noise.

All forms of brake repairs

Need a reliable fix to that squealing and worn out brake? You have come to the right. At Oakmont Automotive we have, at every point in time an in-house brake specialist who is ever ready to attend to your car’s brake repair needs, whether in the form of a brake pad change, accessory hardware fix, or even a drum and rotor repair.

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