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Like our bodies, your car’s engine needs an optimal environment to function correctly. When this environment is altered, maybe due to a faulty part, poor lubrication or an error in the car’s control system, a check engine light comes up. It is similar to you developing a temperature, there is something wrong with your body’s internal environment, and you need to see a doctor to know the underlying cause. Same thing with a check engine light. Once it comes up, that is the signal to get your car to a reputable auto repair shop as soon as is possible. While your vehicle (like your body) might still run with a check engine light on, using it in that state is adding salt to injury. When it eventually breaks down the cost of getting it up and running, will be most times tenfold of what it would have been if you had it fixed when the check engine light first came up.

Check engine light can come on for a variety of reasons. Two common ones are:

  • A broken oxygen sensor — Your engine’s oxygen sensor is what determines the ratio of oxygen to be mixed with gas in the engine’s combustion center. It does so by monitoring the level of unburned oxygen in your vehicles exhaust system. If it is faulty, it will invariably send faulty readings to the onboard computer ergo resulting in improper mixing of oxygen and fuel. Aside from drastically reducing your miles per gallon, a faulty oxygen sensor will also significantly shorten the lifespan of your car’s engine and its catalytic converter.

  • A faulty catalytic converter — As their name implies, Catalytic converters are responsible for converting excess and otherwise harmful waste gases in your vehicle’s exhaust into less harmful emissions. If you are going to pass that emissions test, your catalytic converters have to be in tip-top shape. However, that is not all. Like a faulty oxygen sensor, a broken catalytic converter will increase your gas consumption while concurrently decreasing your vehicle performance. After a while ascending a steep hill will become too much of a chore for your car.

Let the pros help you identify and fix exactly what is wrong with your vehicle

Oakmont Automotive is home to an assortment of high tech diagnostic tools and an impressive array of ASE technicians. Trust us when we say, we will identify, fix the underlying problem and clear that pesky check engine light from your dashboard.

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