Premium Oil Change Services in Oakmont, PA

Conventional, Synthetic Blend, & Fully Synthetic Lube Services

This is not your typical oil change routine. Far from that. At Oakmont Automotive every oil change routine is a comprehensive maintenance round that is geared towards reinventing your engine and bringing it back to an almost OEM state. We drain every drain, flush out every impurity, clean out essential car systems and make sure to conduct thorough checks on your vehicle’s oil-dependent systems. When we are done, your vehicle comes alive with a new roar and vigor. It is apparent in its sound; it will be evident when you take it on a cruise down Oakmont’s busy streets, and it’s why Oakmont Automotive is the trusted name for oil change services in Oakmont.

The best quality oils and parts to keep your car running at 100%

Oakmont Automotive is pro quality over quantity. This is well reflected in the class of oils we use for all our client vehicle oil changes. Whatever your preference is, be it conventional mineral oils, high mileage oils, synthetic blend oils or full synthetic motor oils, rest assured that we use only the best of each category. Our skilled ASE certified auto care technicians are thoroughly bred on the systems and operations of virtually every car brand in the US. We comply with strict manufacturer specifications depending on your car make and take the extra step of performing a general systems check to ensure your vehicle is working as it should. The Oakmont Automotive price point is unbeatable too. We epitomize the phrase ‘value for money.’

Why you should never skip an oil change

Motor oil is essential to your vehicle normal functioning. It keeps your engine lubricated, prevents unnecessary friction, reduces wear, engine noise, and along with the oil filter de-clogs your engine from any contaminant. Over time, however, due to the combined action of heat and friction, motor oil breaks down and in so doing loses its efficiency to undertake the aforementioned. To keep your engine in an optimal state of functioning, you should always replace the worn out motor oil.

Depending on your vehicle make and rate of usage, motor oils typically last for several months. Most modern day cars have an automatic oil check system that alerts you when your motor oil is due for a change. If you cannot find this for your vehicle, feel free to make a pit stop at our service bays in Oakmont, and we will be sure to put you through. Once this alert comes on, you must change your motor oil. Driving without changing your motor oil severely cuts down your engine life and performance. For a smooth functioning car, improved gas mileage, and premium performance, stop by at Oakmont Automotive and treat your vehicle to the luxury and care it deserves.