Automotive Services You Can Trust in Oakmont, PA

All Vehicles, All Models. We Have Got You Covered!

Need a sure fix to your vehicle troubles or just up for routine maintenance, Oakmont Automotive is just what the doctor ordered. Our reputation for delivering fast, efficient and pocket-friendly lineups of automotive services and maintenance options has set us up to be the go-to auto shop in the Oakmont, PA. For residents of Oakmont, PA, the Oakmont Automotive brand is synonymous with premium quality, optimal service delivery and keen attention to detail. Sedan, trucks, SUV, CUV, luxury or sports car, we have proven beyond all reasonable doubt to be the name to trust for all your vehicle repair and maintenance services.

The best there is in Oakmont, PA

With Oakmont Automotive, you get the best auto services money can buy in Oakmont PA. And as proof of that fact, we offer a complimentary two year or 24000 miles warranty package with every repair, maintenance run or vehicle part procured from us. Ours is a comprehensive and thorough approach to meeting your auto service needs. From start to finish, we work hand in hand with our clients, keeping them in the know of things and providing insights and valuable counselling on car issues and auto trends. In the end, the Oakmont Automotive experience is unparalleled in terms of customer satisfaction and professional service delivery.

Our breadth of expertise extends from the basic to the complex and tedious. Backed by our adroit team of ASE certified technicians we are fit to undertake even the most daunting auto repairs and maintenance services. Need us to change your brake pads, fix that check engine light, run an emissions test or perhaps orchestrate a total overhaul of your vehicle tires? We are always on standby, waiting to take on whatever maintenance or repair challenge you throw at us.

Fixing your car the Green way

Oils, sludge and almost everything else that is considered waste from cars, don’t usually go well with the environment. While it is easy to cast these off to the next available garbage bin, at Oakmont Automotive, we are genuinely concerned about the environment. It is why we take the extra steps to recycle and dispose-off all harmful wastes properly. What’s more, the entire Oakmont Automotive building is heated by recycled engine oil from our local oil changes. We are doing things the right way and shaving off extra running costs. It is this highly efficient yet cost-friendly mode of operations we invite you to be a part of, You’re going to love it and trust us when we say you will get premium value for every penny spent.

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