Replacing Your Timing Belt in Oakmont, PA

Giving Your Vehicle the Necessary Performance Edge It Deserves

Think of your vehicle’s timing belt as a traffic warden that dictates which line of traffic (in this case your vehicle’s camshaft) moves at a specific time. Camshafts, on the other hand, control your vehicle’s crankshaft, which in turn delivers the power needed for your car to run. In summary, your timing belt plays a pivotal role in your car’s efficiency and performance levels. Most vehicle manufacturers install timing belts hidden under a manifold. Over time, they (as is with most other belts) will degrade. To keep your engine and in extension your vehicle in tip top shape it’s essential to perform a timing belt replacement as at when due.

Oakmont Automotive has the right tools and expertise to undertake a faultless timing belt replacement Replacing a timing belt is a job that requires utmost skill and experience. At Oakmont Automotive, these two characteristics – skill and experience – take center stage in all our operations. The Oakmont Automotive team begins by delicately disassembling your engine before locating and then removing the timing belt. Once this is completed, we proceed to recalibrate your Engine’s timing. The final step is to reassemble your engine to its original state. As always, Oakmont Automotive technicians employ every measure of due diligence to ensure that all components are properly reinstalled. This is essential to prevent any secondary damage, giving the sensitivity of the timing belt-engine assembly.

How do I know it is time to change my timing belt?

It’s easy! Virtually all original equipment manufacturers specify the lifespan of a timing belt and its suggested replacement date. If you are unable to determine the maker of your timing belt, feel free to drive over to Oakmont Automotive at your earliest convenience. We will take the time out to decipher if and when your timing belt needs to be changed. If you, however, notice any screeching sound coming from the area of the timing belt (usually located to one side of the engine) regardless of the expiry or suggested replacement date of your timing belt, it is essential that you have it checked.

Driving with a faulty timing belt is akin to placing your car’s engine on a death row. Eventually, it is going to implode on itself and repairing a blown out engine as you’ve probably guessed can be very expensive. So, while timing belt replacements do not come cheap, it’s a worthy investment considering what is at stake. As they say, prevention is always better than cure.

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