Wheel Alignment from the Professionals

We Keep You Centered on the Road

When you are coasting through Oakmont, PA, your tires, and in extension your car should be pointing straight towards your destination, not wobbling and swaying from side to side. A faulty wheel alignment is a car and indeed a driver’s worst nightmare. Aside from the inherent safety risks, driving with poorly aligned wheels amongst other things shaves off your tire’s lifespan, reduces your gas mileage and significantly alters your car’s handling and performance.

Is my car trying to tell me something?

Wheel alignment troubles can vary from the very subtle to the outright dramatic. Regardless of the case, it is always in your best interest to remedy the underlying problem to forestall any further issues. Is your vehicle continually pulling to one side once you step on the brakes? Do you find yourself drifting off the tarmac after scaling a small bump or pothole? Or perhaps in a more dramatic occurrence, your car swerves to one side on its own accord even when you’re steering it to the other side. These are tell-tale signs of improperly aligned wheels, and If you have experienced any in recent times, then the next item on your on your schedule should be an appointment with an auto repair specialist.

Wheel alignment from industry professionals

Who better to set your car straight and return it to its former state of optimal safety than our highly skilled team of wheel alignment specialists? We use state of the art diagnostic tools to conduct wheel angle measurements that spot even minutest imperfections in your car’s wheel alignment. We then cross-reference this to your car manufacturer specifications before going on to correct the deviation according to the specified manufacturer recommendations. Our ASE certified technicians are experts at keeping your vehicle straight so you can cruise through Oakmont safely.

Schedule your car for routine checkups

Sometimes the manifestation of an incorrect wheel alignment can be so subtle and difficult to spot. Yet, the consequence of running your vehicle in that state can be dire – it is like a quiescent disease, slowly building up while causing damage to related systems. With this in mind, it is always a good idea to conduct routine wheel alignment checks on your car to unravel any defects. In fact, the majority of car manufacturers suggest checking up on your wheel alignment and other components of your drivetrain when you conduct your vehicle’s oil change.